About us

Established in 2007 of company ATI, has continuously determined the development since an early stage of new century.

100 highly dedicated employees design, produce  ,sales and service a product range of innovative metal products in China.

The ATI  company  consists of four business units:

Casting technology ( Die  casting and permanent molding casting)

Forging technology (With material of steel , aluminum and brass)

Machining technology

        International Trade (Qingdao CASENDO International Trade Co .,Ltd) 

ATI company offers the customers special solutions within the focus branches of power generation, textile machinery, automotive, motor ,construction ,medical and other industry machinery.

Modern machining centers allow a various  of different chipping methods thus granting almost endless constructions possibilities.

Prototypes small  but  also large series can be economically produced without even needing to invest into tools.

Precision reproduction and keeping the given tolerance are important factor as well as high quality  surface.

By using special cutting tools, the metallic material in the field of steel , stainless steel ,brass ,bronze, copper and aluminum can be machined

Products from the ATI are designed according to process technologies and can be used in many different industries. This applies particularly to products   that are produced by forging, casting and CNC machining etc and exporting to Europe and American and south Korea market etc.